Kaon Under Siege – Video Guide from Pokket

It’s been awhile since you needed a 6-minute video to explain encounters in an MMORPG but the new flashpoint in SWTOR can be difficult, particularly the first time you do it. With the right technique involved, your group can get through the content efficiently and enjoyably. If you’re not sure just what that correct technique would be, you’re in luck because MMORPG has us all covered with a great video tutorial.

Pokket gives us all the run down on the Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint and how to survive the nightmarish place in Game Face from MMORPG.com. This is an especially good guide for healers who before this, probably did not have to work too hard at healing but this flashpoint and bosses can challenge the healers more than previous encounters you have probably had.

Pokket explains each fight with voiceover as you watch the video of the boss fights in progress. It’s a great tutorial and a good one to bookmark and share with your guild.

Check out the video for yourself:

Lisa Clark

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