The Dwindling Dev Tracker


Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez talks about the communication from BioWare on the Forum tracker. He also hints at new blogs incoming tomorrow? Check it out here, or read our copy pate below.

Joveth Gonzalez

While we appreciate all kinds of constructive feedback, as Allison pointed out, the forums are only one small measure of communication. Do keep in mind that while some days it seems that there isn’t any forum activity from us, we’re busy hopping around, taking a look at the SWTOR subreddit, Twitter, Facebook, and responding to PMs.

Consider that our fanbase is large and spread across various social media sites, and you can see that we strive to make sure that they are covered, no matter where our fans are.

We’re also working on some new community blogs that we’ll be posting in the upcoming week or so, in addition to our standard weekly blogs that we already put up.

Finally, while this team is highly visible, a lot of what we do is internal: responding to developer requests for feedback, moderating the forums, writing patch notes, working with localization, sending various documents & ideas for approvals, working with marketing, maintaining relationships with fan sites & guilds, attending game development meetings, escalating issues, following up on bugs, and much, much more.

In short, measuring the number of gold posts every day is not the best indicator of our overall activity. You’re welcome to continue to do so, but know that every day we are working with our developers to respond to your questions here on the forums, which results in about 5-10 developer responses even during a light news week.

If anything, measure against what we had before we started our increase in communication on August 8th. I guarantee that you will see a difference.

Stay tuned for the new blogs, which we’ll be debuting starting tomorrow.

As always, thanks for taking an interest in this. Constructive feedback is always welcome and we’ll definitely adjust our strategies when there is a need .