SWTOR YuGiOh? Yes, It’s a Thing

YuGiOh “Peril on Makeb” SWTOR Fan

We found another cool SWTOR fan-inspired creation. shyherdier “got bored” and made a mini set of YuGiOh based SWTOR cards. They are really creative and some of them are quite funny. I’d love to see this fan make a full deck of these. If you could add any cards to this set, what would they be? What would they say? SWTOR The Trading Card Game could totally be a thing (hey, it worked for Wow, sort of).

So, what do you think? The art is pretty awesome. If you ask me, I’d play this game. 🙂

Inspired by the user above, cuckingfomputer made this entire deck. It’s worth taking the time to read through all of the cards.

Inquisitor Starter Deck

Lisa Clark

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