Secrets of The Old Republic Extended Trailer – Rewind Theater

Secrets of The Old Republic Extended Trailer – Rewind Theater

The team behind Knights of the Fallen Empire tell us all about the new game.

What do you think? This five minute video from IGN will tell you more about The Sacrifice: Cinematic trailer for the new expansion in SWTOR. Starting October 27th, you’re going to have a lot to enjoy while you wait for the movie to come out. In this extended trailer, you hear right from the team members themselves who these characters are and what the trailer has shown us about the new expansion.

It basically tells you right where you will step into the storyline with your new character or existing character in Knights of the Fallen Empire. They reveal some cool new stuff like new lightsaber skins, new gear, new planets and more. You’re going to see all the things you expect from a “Bioware RPG”, a higher level cap and more.

There is really going to be a personal storyline where your choices matter, in typical Bioware style. The extended trailer itself is a real tear-jerker with a big focus on the importance of that story line and player choices, yet again. So finally, tune it to the expansion to see the impact your choices can have on your characters and to experience all the new content, characters and more.

Are you excited yet?

Lisa Clark

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