Changes to the Cartel Market — Monday April 09 2018

Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for April 09 2018. Remember you can support this blog by buying your cartel coins on Amazon via this link were you also will get a  Exclusive Item [Online Game Code]

New ItemsPriceHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
RADAR TABLE800Information from TOR FASHIONNo GTN Data Found
VECTRON PREDATOR1200Information from TOR FASHION499,000.09,999,999.01,929,199.86666667
Price ChangeOld PriceNew PricePercent ChangeNormal PriceHelpful linksGTN LowGTN HighGTN Average
ENIGMATIC HERO’S ARMOR SET1440108025%1440Information from TOR FASHIONNo GTN Data Found