How To Choose Lottery Numbers: 8 Tips for winning

People always play the lottery and they face the problem of choosing some numbers. Some people analyze data to choose the best one, other people follow their serendipity or even try to find tips and signs around them. All the lotteries are random and you can use any method to draw numbers and check your luck. It means there is no only way to find guarantee a win. In other cases, people could win the jackpot easily. This article will help you to find the best method for you.

8. Statistics Use

This method is based on the studding of statistics. People believe in the lottery system and they read carefully which numbers were used earlier. Some of them are really lucky and they choose it more often. But there is no any reason to think so, that’s why other people, who don’t use the method, think that it is wasting time.

It is necessary to know that the odds are equal for everyone. So, any number can be drawn this time whenever it was drawn before.

This method is used by many people. They really trust it and they are ready to spend a lot of time while studying the statistics.

You are not the only person who uses this method. Many players analyze everything to choose the best numbers. So, if you are lucky, there are other lucky guys. It means you will need to share the jackpot with them.

7. Mystery of Numerology

If you trust the power of the universe, you can use the method. According to numerologists, every person has its own lucky number or even numbers. It means you should use it to attract power. It will help you to win.

We won’t tell you how to calculate your lucky number, you can read it in other articles online. When you have six numbers, you should choose it to check the method.

People always believe in some power. If you know how to listen to its tips, you could get the jackpot. But it is possible to explain the losing the lottery too: you have lost because you are not ready for the money.

6. Numbers of Luck

Perhaps, people note some numbers in their life.

You can like 5 because it is your birthday or even 16 for other reasons.

People can find any reason to note any number and it is a good idea to draw it in the lottery ticket. It is necessary to pick the numbers into the lottery to check your luck.

You can read information about it online in some articles. The method is used by many people today and they really believe in their luck.

5. Random Choice

Every lottery is completely random. There is no need to waste time while thinking about numbers. You can choose any of them and wait for the result. Just draw the first number you think about. If you are more of a gambler, you can try playing slots for real money. The easiest way to do this is by choosing online casino paypal. But this is not about that now.

Try to use your imagination to find the best way of choosing numbers randomly. Some people just choose any letter in a book and count its place in the alphabet to draw the number. So, everything is random here.

Random choice has several advantages. You won’t waste a lot of time, it is funny, you don’t think about the result and everything depends on the fortune.

4. Choose Numbers Over 31

According to the statistics, the method can’t increase the chance of winning. But it will increase the chance to get the Jackpot.

People usually choose numbers before 31. That is so due to the fact that they use their birthday or something else. Numbers over 31 are used seldom. It means that the chance to share the jackpot with other people, who use the same numbers in the lottery, is lower.

Just imagine the situation. Jackpot is $10 million and 10 people won it. So, every winner will get $1 million only. But using numbers over 31 is a great chance to get the whole sum of the jackpot. According to the statistics, just 2 people can win in this case. So, everyone will get $5 million.

The method is rather good because it has a logical explanation. It is perfect for gamblers who are trying to find different systems or other laws while playing lotteries.

3. Make A Pattern

If you are looking to your lottery ticket attentively, you can find different systems and lines. Try to use it to draw something beautiful.

You can draw animals or birds, it is also possible to follow the lines of some letters of the alphabet. Just use your serendipity and imagination to find the best way of choosing numbers for the lottery.

Don’t use a straight lines. Many people do it, that’s why you will need to share the jackpot with many lottery players.

This method won’t make you waste a lot of time. Moreover, you will have fun for 2-3 minutes while drawing umbers. The chance to win is equal for everyone. So, it is a good idea to check your luck with fun. The method will save your time and could make you pleased even if you lost the lottery.

2. Use A System

There are many systems online, you can read it and choose the best one. In spite of a fact that the lottery is random, some people believe that the system can increase their chance to win.

So, let’s read about Delta System.

  • firstly use a number 1-3;
  • choose two other numbers 1-8;
  • try to choose number about 8;
  • then it is necessary to choose 8 – 15;
  • make a random mixture.

Here is the way of choosing numbers.

Draw numberLottery NumberDelta Number

You just need to summarize the 2nd and the 3rd tables.

You can also find other systems online.

Perhaps, it sounds difficult. But when you try the system, you could understand that everything is easy. Sometimes the system gives you numbers, which are out of the current lottery. You have to go on mix the number till the situation when it will be suitable for you. The system is far from perfect, but it is important for many people to use any of it to calculate. The fact make them calm that their choice is not random.

1. Ask The Machine

If you are not sure that you can choose the best lottery numbers, you can ask the machine to do it. Most lotteries let clients use a random number range. It is just necessary to ask the machine to use some numbers. There are both: special online programs and program on the website of the current lottery.

Many people declare that the machine can’t understand anything. It uses the numbers randomly and you just decrease the odds while doing it. But all lotteries are trustful and all numbers are random. So, there is no matter to choose it by yourself or to let the machine do it. Moreover, if you use the method, you can save your time and there is no reason to worry about the fact that you wanted to use another number before.

According to the statistics, British people use the machine aid more often than residents of other Nations. It is a great chance to check this method.


We hope that the article was useful for you and you could win the jackpot next time.

We do recommend you read online articles on how to use the lottery prize to save it. The money can be used in different ways and some of them are better. According to the statistics, many winners lose their money in several years. They can be victim of cheaters or their relatives.

Try to keep in mind the random system in lotteries. It means that you can use any method to choose numbers. The chance to win is always equal. So, try to enjoy the process of choosing numbers and don’t focus on it for a long time. The lottery is just a way to relax and money can be a bonus in this case.