Boba Fett looks to have a season 2 coming

The recent series which is available on Disney plus has been a hit with Star war fans and other film fans across the globe due to how big the series has recently become. Some Star Wars fan bases have been laying bets on if the series will do a second season or not with non gamstop UK casinos at being visited often by the fan base. More details will be stated below on how the series has been a hit amongst Star Wars fans and how a season 2 will be better than the first one.

The first season

The first season of Boba Fett was action-packed and followed on by other Star Wars series that is available on Disney plus for us to watch. Many battles and fights take place within the first season showcasing the follow on from the Mandalorian series which was also a big hit with Star Wars fans. The first season goes into more detail and depth about the previous series such as the clone wars and other Star Wars series that are available on Disney plus.

In the first episodes, Boba becomes to live with the Tuskan raiders who at first capture him as a prisoner but soon teach him the ways of how they live and survive in the desert. As the episodes progress, Boba eventually goes to war against the Pikes due to them trying to supply Spice to the planets which he and his crew do not want on their planet and this ends up in them having a lot of battles which see many deaths on both sides. 

The Mandalorian helps Boba to defeat and defend their planet with Boba eventually killing bounty hunter Cad Bane who has recently been on a hunting mission to assassinate high profiled targets including Boba and Mando.  

What to expect in season 2 if there is one?

With Grogu choosing to return and be with the Mandalorian it will be interesting to see if he can continue his Jedi training due to not having a teacher now that can teach him the ways of the force. Skywalker looks set to have his series and seasons being launched in the next years and this might be a follow on from Boba Fett season 2 although this is not yet confirmed.

You should now have a better understanding of the first season and what is to be expected from season 2 if it does go ahead like rumours are currently suggesting.