The Best in Adult VR Gaming: Red Hot and Ready Now

When searching for an adult virtual reality experience that offers the most interactivity, it pays to look into adult VR games. In a variety of styles to suit all kinds of sexual interests, adult VR games like the great range offered at bring a much stronger sense of immersive excitement than 2D adult games. From the heavy duty PCVR titles to easier paths of entry via in-browser WebXR, there’s an adult VR game for every kind of adult player.

When equipped with a leading VR device such as Meta Quest 2, Playstation VR, or HTC Vive Pro 2 (and especially when utilizing PC tethering), users can immerse themselves in highly interactive adult experiences that make traditional adult games seem somewhat impersonal and outdated. Before the arrival of VR, adult gaming wasn’t given the attention it needed. Now it’s experiencing something of a renaissance. To find the best adult VR games currently available, begin by exploring the following excellent titles, each with something unique to offer. If you can drag yourself away from Vader Immortal, why not try out the best the adult VR world has to offer.

1. Virt-A-Mate: Best Overall Adult VR Game

Arguably the most accomplished creation in adult VR gaming, Virt-A-Mate delivers a high level of realism, incredibly lifelike graphics, and near-endless opportunities for customization. Add a huge active community that not only uses Virt-A-Mate, providing feedback along the way, but creates content for it too, and it’s easy to see why Virt-A-Mate is so acclaimed.

A game this rewarding is also bound to have strong technical demands and that is certainly true of Virt-A-Mate. Along with a fairly steep learning curve that may hinder some users’ path to full enjoyment, Virt-A-Mate also requires a powerful PC VR setup which may keep some users from indulging.

2. vamX: Best Adult VR Game Add-On

An add-on that converts Virt-A-Mate’s open sandbox arrangement to a more streamlined and cohesive set of erotic opportunities, vamX brings an easy-to-use UI to adult VR gaming’s strongest title. Use vamX to create custom scenes and situations within Virt-A-Mate, tailoring each character to suit your needs and desires. Furthermore, vamX can be used with any user-created Virt-A-Mate scene or character, adding a huge range of content to its direct manipulation tools.

Just like Virt-A-Mate, vamX does require a fairly powerful PC VR setup to use and this may be an obstacle to many adult VR gamers.

3. Holodexxx: Best Star Showcase

Bringing photogrammetrical scans of today’s hottest pornstar talents into a rich VR sci-fi fantasy world, Holodexxx then brings them to virtual life via chatbot technology and advanced interactivity. With story-based content and mini-feature episodes allowing you to enjoy intimate moments with the likes of Riley Reid, Skin Diamond, and Marley Brinx. Now offering an AR package that lets you place your favorite model in your real-world environment, Holodexxx is always pushing forward.

Aside from the Holodexxx Studio feature, which lets you create and customize your own VR pornos from Holodexxx’s captured resources, there’s not a lot of replay value to be had with this adult VR game. Story-based episodes are lots of fun but don’t reward repeated play.

4. Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold: Best Immersive Experience

In the real world, BDSM can be intimidating. In VR, however, it is made extremely accessible. Dominatrix Simulator: Threshold brings users the chance to be dominated by a powerful, commanding fantasy vixen intent on turning you into a perfectly submissive plaything. Obey her commands to strike certain poses, answer questions, and otherwise respond or risk a severe punishment. With gender fluidity built in and a choose-your-own-adventure style of gameplay, Dominatrix Simulator, which can be played in VR or in 2D on Windows, is a great fit for more experimental players.

With the commanding domme characters – which include horned devils, ghoul girls, a bossy headmistress, and big-eyed anime models – telling you to perform physical acts for their approval, users will want to play Dominatrix Simulator with plenty of open space surrounding them. Modern living often makes this difficult.

5. RockHardVR: Best Stories in Adult VR Gaming

A collection of interactive adult VR stories set in a gym, an office, an elevator, an airplane’s first-class section, and an everyday household, RockHardVR presents users with customization opportunities that allow them to tailor each scene, its characters, and their activity to their liking. Ready for push-and-play use due to being a WebXR app playable from your VR browser, RockHardVR is one of the easiest and most convenient adult VR games to use, running on your Oculus headset with no PC or downloads required. WebXR games offer one of the easiest ways to immediately leap into an interactive adult experience and RockHardVR is adult WebXR gaming at its most fun.

RockHardVR doesn’t exactly sport the kind of advanced VR graphics as some of the titles listed above. Though far from primitive in use, the visuals can feel a bit dated.

Safe, Secure and So Much Fun

There’s already a strong adult VR game industry but with more and more titles entering the arena, there are few better ways to explore all the industry and genre have to offer than by trusting one reliable source. Aside from the obvious path of seeking out each of the above games from their creators, adult VR gamers can enjoy full access to these and many other titles – including a great range of click-and-play WebXR games – on the world’s top adult VR site,