Mark Hamill Advocates for Luke Skywalker's Recasting

Mark Hamill Advocates for Luke Skywalker’s Recasting

In a galaxy far, far away, the debate over CGI and deepfake technology in the Star Wars universe has taken a new turn. The original Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, has been making some waves, and his views are as intriguing as a good old-fashioned Mos Eisley cantina gossip.

Hamill, a seminal figure in the Star Wars saga, has appeared as Luke in six out of nine feature films. He’s also made appearances in “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” including some recent moments where his younger face was deepfaked onto another actor’s body to resurrect young Luke. But now in an interview with esquire, it seems he’s ready to hang up his lightsaber and pass it onto a new generation.

Hamill’s Run-In with CGI and Deepfakes:

After Luke’s death in “The Last Jedi,” Hamill stepped back from the series, having disagreed with some creative choices. He was, however, persuaded back into the fold by none other than Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the showrunners for “The Mandalorian.” Accompanied by the beloved puppet known as “Baby Yoda” at the time, they succeeded in coaxing Hamill back into the Star Wars family, thanks to their impressive series.

But Hamill’s return was not without its discomforts. The process of CGI ‘de-aging’ and deepfaking his youthful visage onto another actor spooked him. He voiced his unease about the idea of young Luke embarking on post-“Return of the Jedi” adventures, especially if he was meant to portray the character himself. His view? It’s not necessary. And if it’s going to happen, he believes an age-appropriate actor should take the reins.

Hamill’s Stance on Recasting Luke Skywalker:

Here are some key points on why Mark Hamill believes Luke Skywalker should be recast:

  1. The Overuse of CGI and Deepfakes: He feels these technologies have been overused and should be limited.
  2. The Cost: Deepfaking and ‘de-aging’ aren’t cheap processes. Is the hefty price tag truly worth it?
  3. Storytelling: According to Hamill, the stories of Luke post-“Return of the Jedi” don’t necessarily need to be told.
  4. Age-Appropriateness: If those stories are to be told, he strongly advocates for an age-appropriate actor to play Luke Skywalker.


What does Mark Hamill think about the use of CGI and deepfake technology in Star Wars? He believes that these technologies have been overused in recent times and should be limited in usage. He also expressed discomfort with his younger face being deepfaked onto another actor’s body.

Does Mark Hamill want to continue playing Luke Skywalker? While he remains open to the possibility of returning as an older Luke or Force Ghost, he strongly feels that if young Luke’s adventures are to continue, an age-appropriate actor should be cast in the role.

Will Mark Hamill return to the Star Wars universe? Hamill remains coy on this subject, stating that everything is confidential when it comes to Lucasfilm. Whether he’s involved or not, we’ll all find out together.


The Star Wars universe is a vast, vibrant tapestry, and the role of Luke Skywalker remains a lynchpin in its epic narrative. As CGI and deepfake technologies continue to evolve, the question of how to portray this beloved character is more pertinent than ever. Mark Hamill, the man who first brought Luke Skywalker to life, offers an interesting perspective. He’s urging the Star Wars creators to rethink their approach, to let go of the digital wizardry, and pass the baton to a new actor capable of embodying Luke Skywalker in his youth. It’s an intriguing proposition, one that could bring fresh energy to the saga while preserving the authenticity of the character we all know and love.

While Hamill’s future involvement in the Star Wars universe remains as veiled as a Tatooine sandstorm, his views have undoubtedly sparked a lively debate among fans and creators alike. One thing’s for sure – whatever happens next in this far-flung galaxy, we’ll all be watching with bated breath. May the Force be with us all!

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