LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – How To Become A Jedi Master Quickly?

Since the beginning, the LEGO Star Wars series has been quite popular in the niche-specific gaming market. Hence, the hype of The Skywalker Saga went off the roof when Warner Bros offered an update on its releasing date. 

And, now that it’s been launched, how are you faring with the new game mechanics?

Well, if you’re new to this series, we’re pretty sure that you’re having a little bit of trouble. It’s pretty natural, though. After, The Skywalker Saga isn’t anything like your regular RPG.

There’s a lot going underneath the title. For example, you’ll have to –

  • Explore more than one world.
  • Collect tons of new items and collectibles.
  • Interact with a bunch of interesting systems.

Sounds pretty overwhelming, right? Well, that’s why we’ve curated a beginner’s guide solely for you in this article. Just do as we say, and you’ll become a Jedi Knight in no time.

Oh, and, if you don’t have the game as of yet, visit here – The title is available here for free.

The Skywalker Saga – A Getting Started Guide!

If you’re new to the series, we’ll ask you to set the difficulty setting accordingly to enjoy the game to the fullest. The “hard difficulty” level is pretty unforgiving in our opinion. So, try to stay away from it as much as possible.

Tip – 1: Get Accustomed To The Combat System.

Previously, the combat system of LEGO Star Wars was quite fundamental and easy to master. Hence, you didn’t really have to worry or practice too much.

Nonetheless, the new fighting style of the game has been quite different. Now, you cannot get through the enemies by clicking a single button anymore.

Also, you have to learn three different main attacks – heavy, light, and ranged – to defeat the bosses of the game. So, the learning curve will be quite stiff with this one.

Tip – 2: Complete The Storyline First.

Almost every stage in the Skywalker Saga comes with a massive amount of collectibles as a whole. Hence, as a completionist, you’ll feel the need to collect everything as you go.

However, this is a trap, unfortunately.

While it’s surely okay to get everything you can find, you should only do it after you’re done with the core storyline. Just start from Episode 1 and keep on going until you’ve finished it.

And, once you’re done with everything else, you can, then, begin your journey again and find whatever you’ve missed on the road. This way, the game won’t feel boring to you.

Tip – 3: Get Characters; All Of Them If Possible!

The Skywalker Saga is pretty diverse when it comes to character collection. In this game, you can get more than a hundred different people as a whole. And, each of them is quite unique.

However, there’s a catch.

Although the characters are unique, you cannot get them all at once. At the beginning, you’ll acquire only whoever you need to complete the storyline.

And, if you want to get someone else, you’ll need to buy them by using studs, the currency of the game. Fortunately, you can collect them quite easily while going through the title.

So, it won’t be an issue. In any case, we’ll still share a little information about each and every class available in the game. Let’s get started.

  • The jedi class is all about swinging a lightsaber and using the force to thrash enemies mercilessly. They’re pretty powerful and beginner-friendly as well.
  • The hero class is a little different than the aforementioned. They’re a little tankier if I may, and can offer a lot of agility to your team.
  • The scavenger class focuses more on improving your team’s movement and solving the puzzles efficiently. They’re not so good at fighting, though.
  • The scoundrel class is quite perfect in both fighting and offering unparalleled support to your team. However, their damage isn’t too high.
  • The bounty hunter class is your ultimate damage-dealing machine. Just pay them the right amount of money and they’ll get you the head of the person you want.
  • The villain class, like the hero one, are more of a defensive support. Nonetheless, you can deal a decent amount of damage with them as well, if built correctly
  • The dark side class is very powerful and can give the jedi class a run for their money. Just get Vader somehow, and completing the story will be easier than ever.
  • The astromech droid class is more of a support character than anything else. Their damage isn’t high enough, but they’re still invaluable to your party.
  • The protocol droid class will help you out with puzzles and tricky situations. In any case, you’ll find them to be completely worthless when it comes to fighting.

So, that’ll be all for this one. Hopefully, we could guide you the right way with this article. If you still find something to be confusing, though, comment your thoughts below. 

We’ll try our best to address them as soon as possible.