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“May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Exploring Betting Culture in the Star Wars Universe”

Exploring Gambling and Betting in Star Wars: Socio-Economic Insights and Cultural Impact

In the vast expanse of the Star Wars universe, betting and gambling are not just pastimes but are ingrained in the socio-economic fabric of the galaxy. From the high-speed thrills of podracing to the strategic depths of Sabacc, these activities reflect more than just entertainment; they are a mirror to the diverse cultures and social dynamics within this iconic saga. The Thrill of the Race: Podracing in “The Phantom Menace” Sabacc: More Than a Game of Chance Betting and the Galaxy’s Underworld Ethical and Moral Dimensions Conclusion: A Galaxy Rich in Stories Gambling and betting in the Star Wars universe are more than mere plot devices; they are integral elements that enrich the storytelling. They provide insight into the economic conditions, cultural diversity, and moral complexities of the galaxy. As the saga continues to expand, these themes offer endless possibilities for exploring the deeper aspects of the Star Wars universe,…

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Thanks for the amazing beta Bioware

Now the SWTOR beta has officially come to an end and we are all awaiting the December 20th launch that is just a couple more weeks away. While some were able to game test for an extended period of time, others were at least given a weekend to check it out and the reaction from the community of testers was mostly positive. Nearly everyone who tested and was surveyed said they would recommend the game to a friend. In honor of the end of beta and the upcoming launch of SWTOR, we are asking you all to share with us your favorite moments or experiences of beta testing- no matter how long or short your experience was. Did you play with friends or solo explore? Did you rush to level as quickly as you could or take your time to experience all of the story line? Did you try different…

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TOR TV: The Inquisitor Takes You Through Athiss

Greetings good Sithizens and other lowly Jedi. Normally we make our Sith Inquisition posts here on Thursdays, but we just finished production on a very impressive video yesterday and we wanted to share it with all of you. This is a full playthrough of the Planet Athiss flashpoint from the perspective of the Inquisition’s Lord himself. We go through all three major bosses and get a basic grasp of the mechanics, as well as the trash and mechanics of the flashpoint overall. It’s just under an hour long, and brought to you in full 1080p eye bleeding quality. Feel free to ignore the chatter throughout the video, we were discussing the flashpoint, some basic mechanics, and other happening during the last day of beta, but I turned it down specifically so the audio of the flashpoint could be heard. You can find more great videos of The Old Republic Here!

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TOR TV: Jedi Knight lvl 1 – 5 with commentary

Jesse from OMFGaming have Jedi Knight gameplay video up now. The last two stories we did about Jesse and his video I said that I found him annoying. After Looking through more of his stuff, and watching the Trooper and Sith Inquisitor videos again, I take it back. The guy is absolutely amazing at what he do – playing games and comment on it. He is actually so good at the commenting that he make a living out out of it.  Check out this sample video he made. Oh, and check out the Jedi beta play though below:

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TOR TV: Jedi Consular Beta play through.

I must have been living under a rock the last week, or maby I have just been in a constant swtor video overload, but I should have posted some videos from this guys earlier. I just came about this guy on youtube today. he goes about the name B.R. Brainerd, and in these videos he play Jedi Consular and do commentary. B.R. enters the world of Star Wars as a Jedi Consular, showing you the game’s opening cinematic, server selection, character creation, and gameplay! B.R. continues his foray into Star Wars: The Old Republic. After exploring the conversation mechanics in the game he ventures through the starting area, receives his first two quests, and engages in combat! We learn more about the abandoned Jedi holocrons as the main quest takes us to the Jedi Temple and a nearby Twi’Lek village. Hilarity ensues. B.R. completes a ritual ceremony for the Twi’Leks and gathers…

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Beta Gameplay With Commentary

Tino from MightyMonkeysGaming have uploaded quite a few beta videos, from the current SWTOR Beta build. There is nothing new about Beta leaks floating around Youtube, but Tino has done something extra with his as he is doing a commentary on all of the,, letting us know what is going on. I don’t know how long these movies will stay on Youtube, as the EA law department is extremely hyperactive these days (Which is pretty stupid as we are only 5 weeks from launch). Anyways. Enjoy them as long as they last.

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