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There is no death, there is the Force..

For some who never considered playing games like The Old Republic, the act of gaming is considered a wasteful task. On the other hand, some others might engage in gaming just to seek out a few hours of enjoyment. In many cases however, playing games like SWToR is all about the community around the game and the connection between people who share a common interest and passion in Star Wars and, in extension, SWToR. When a member or a group within this community experiences hardship then in many cases the community steps up and offers assistance or sympathy.

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Community Round-Up: Forums and Events June 20th, 2012

BioWare have a new Blog update focusing on the SWTOR Comunity. In this weeks Community Round-Up, BioWare  highlight some of the most interesting discussions in the Star Wars The Old Republic community.  Most of these discussions originate from the forums, but sometimes they look around at other fan sites. We have also added a new section to this blog highlighting some player-created events happening on certain servers in The Old Republic. If you have an event occurring next week, please feel free to let us know in the nomination thread so that we can highlight it in next week’s round up. Please feel free to nominate any discussions for next week’s Round-Up in this thread. Let’s begin! Read all about it HERE, and discuss it at the official forums HERE Join the forum discussion on this post

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TORWARS.COM Community Highlight = LOLz

You are reading an article on SwtorStrategies, so you clearly have excellent taste in SWTOR fan-sites. That being said, you have got to check out one of our fellow fan-sites TORWARS. Their style is much different than the rest of the community because of their sense of humor. They have a comic called ‘Fail Hunter” that stars the worst Bounty Hunter of all time and his adventures through Star Wars MMO-Land. There a tons of MMO, Star Wars and Nerd jokes to go around. Also their featured articles go in-depth into particular topics like classes, planets and even storm trooper costumes. The podcast has an injection of unsavory humor that is infectious. FTW Broadcasting put together another high quality community highlight video that explores the humor and content that makes TORWARS.COM worth checking out… Join the forum discussion on this post

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