There is no death, there is the Force..

For some who never considered playing games like The Old Republic, the act of gaming is considered a wasteful task. On the other hand, some others might engage in gaming just to seek out a few hours of enjoyment. In many cases however, playing games like SWToR is all about the community around the game and the connection between people who share a common passion about Star Wars and, in extension, SWToR. When a member or a group within this community experiences hardship then (in many cases) the community steps up and offers assistance or sympathy.

An example that caught the attention of and the community over at the Jung Ma server was the passing of a very prominent member of the Coordinating Confusion – Chaos Reigns guild. His name was Avendie (on the Republic side) or Asb’el (on the Imperial side) and the news of his passing rippled across the community. His guild mates organized a very nice in-game memorial that brought together members from all guilds across Jung Ma.

You can find pictures from the event below…





SWToRStrategies would like to convey our sincerest condolences to their family, friends of Avendie/Asb’el.

There is no death, there is the Force…