BioWare Hopes to Expand Star Wars: The Old Republic into 2025

As reported by Darth Hater in a SDCC panel, BioWare hopes they will take MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic into many decades. What many are calling the first game to usurp World of Warcraft, it’s definitely possible if they pull it off. They hope to take SWTOR into 2025.
Senior creative director, James Ohlen, explained at Comic Con that they the game has 19 major worlds.
“Then we have an indeterminate number of minor worlds. And our goal, obviously this being an online game, that we’re hoping is going to last for decades, we’re going to be, obviously, adding more to the galaxy map as the game progresses.” He said.
Ohlen adds, “We want to add dozens of worlds. Hundreds of worlds eventually. In 2025, we’ll hopefully have 500 worlds.”
That is an enormous game!
With each of the six classes promising 200 hours of gameplay, not counting things like raiding, crafting or other multiplayer aspects of the game, it’s easy to see how one could enjoy this game for years and years. This is the type of game parents will play to watch their children grow up and play as well.
So what do you think? Is it still a lot of hype or do you think SWTOR just might be the MMORPG to span decades?