Community Interview with James Ohlen

Of all the interesting interviews coming out this week and past weekend from SDCC, there was a great on one the SWTOR forums from community members GamewizX and Montybrython. If you’ve spent any time at all on the SWTOR, you probably know these two. Well, they were able to interview James Ohlen, Game Director of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and barrage him with questions directly from the community.
You can find the entire lineup on the official forums and even post your own comments to the discussion. Here are some of the highlights:
XYondaimeX asks: Will there be a Guild “tabard” (not an EXACT guild tabard ala WoW, just something to display a guild symbol.) or some other way to dis play a guild emblem?

James Ohlen: Currently there is no sort of Tabard or emblem however it is something that is huge that we are missing.

Jooki asks: Will grouping with friends slow down my experience gain per kill? And if so, to what extent and would it depend on proximity of said friend? In other words, how will experience gains be handled while grouping?

James Ohlen: Grouping will be the fastest way to level. For example, if you are in a party with one other person you will gain 60% XP on mob kills each (this number is changing through testing and not definitive) even though it is 60% of normal XP gain you will be, in theory, killing mobs and completing quests twice as fast. Also, there are heroic quests and other group content that yield good XP that cannot be done solo and only in a group.

cosmasterkiller asks: Will Operations have cover points for each encounter? How will cover classes function on movement heavy encounters?

James Ohlen: All cover classes have a portable cover mechanic that they will use on fights. On high movement fights they are very effective outside of cover as well.

cosmaster killer asks: Can multiple players use the same Cover point? Is there a limit to how many players can use a Cover point? -In PvP can 8 players stack up on the same cover point?

James Ohlen: No, only one player per cover point. And that’s why you need your portable cover as well, otherwise you’ll have cover point griefing.

Many people are asking how many flashpoints do you aim for the launch of the game?

James Ohlen: Can’t answer that.

Check out the full Q&A for yourself over on the forums and tell us what you think. Were your questions answered?