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Mass Effect 4 Next Release From Bioware?

Since the recent release of photos depicting the Mass Effect development team as a part of the annual N7 Day Celebrations, gamers haven’t stopped talking about the upcoming game. The game itself is still in the development stage and there isn’t very much definitive information about it yet, but that hasn’t stopped these photos from sparking excitement and speculation all over the internet. People are analyzing and attempting to enhance the photos in order to learn more information, pouring over the tweets that accompanied the photos for hidden clues, and are searching through any information they can find in order to create an accurate picture of what is to come. But the fact is, there’s just not a lot of confirmed information at this point. Little can be seen in the shots that were tweeted; they were shots that were meant to tease, meant to make people speculate. And they…

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Mass Effect 3 Ending Misery

Hate the ending of Mass Effect 3 like so many others gamers? Peter Coffin has an excellent new video about this topic and if you’re a Stephen King fan, you’re going to love it as much as I did. If you have no clue who Stephen King is, it’s probably less funny but still humorous nonetheless. Check it out! Courtesy of Peter Coffin: “The head writer on Mass Effect 3 gets captured by a crazed woman who makes him rewrite the ending.”

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BioWare Hinted the Possibility of a Mass Effect MMO

How great would it be to have a Mass Effect MMO? There are certainly a lot of fans out there rooting for this very thing right as we speak. While BioWare is busy cranking out SWTOR to have it ready to ship by the promised date in December, we hear rumors that there could be more online titles in the future. It would be a win-win for BioWare and gamers alike if SWTOR was a huge success that led to more MMO titles in the future… possibly even a Mass Effect MMO. BioWare heads Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk seem open to the potential idea and even hint around that it might be considered in the future.  “You never know,” Zeschuk replied to the Mass Effect MMO query by Industry Gamers. . “I think once The Old Republic is done, we’ll take a fresh look at the market….

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