Star Wars: The old republic Encyclopedia trailer

The SWTOR Encyclopedia we have talked about so much in the past, has now got it’s own trailer video. The Cover Art of this book was revealed back in june, and DK Publishing has published illustrations from the book a few times also. Fist time we wrote about it was back in june were we posted these pictures, and  less then a month ago we posted these. Several of the writers who have worked on the game, are also credited as authors of the book, Including Hall Hood, Joanna Berry, Charles Boyd, Ian Ryan, and James B. Jones. Anyways. The Encyclopedia should be interesting. Check out the trailer below: The book is to be released on October 12, 2012.

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TOR TV: The Inquisitor Takes You Through Athiss

Greetings good Sithizens and other lowly Jedi. Normally we make our Sith Inquisition posts here on Thursdays, but we just finished production on a very impressive video yesterday and we wanted to share it with all of you. This is a full playthrough of the Planet Athiss flashpoint from the perspective of the Inquisition’s Lord himself. We go through all three major bosses and get a basic grasp of the mechanics, as well as the trash and mechanics of the flashpoint overall. It’s just under an hour long, and brought to you in full 1080p eye bleeding quality. Feel free to ignore the chatter throughout the video, we were discussing the flashpoint, some basic mechanics, and other happening during the last day of beta, but I turned it down specifically so the audio of the flashpoint could be heard. You can find more great videos of The Old Republic Here!

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Red Rancor Joins FTW Broadcasting in SWTOR FTW Video Series

SWTOR Strategies has been following FTW Broadcasting for a while now, and a recent announcement on their You Tube Channel caught our eye: Red Rancor is joining FTW as a video “contributor” and just released their first video as part of the FTW Team. If you aren’t already familiar with Red Rancor’s V-Cast Series, Ashral covers SWTOR Headlines, Friday Updates, Discusses a Topic of the Week, and answers Fan Questions in his “Mailbag” segment. We love the KOTOR music he uses, and the chilled out tone of the show: In addition to the V-Cast, FTW Broadcasting has their SWTOR FTW Weekly News show that wraps up the entire week’s SWTOR news in 15 mins. This Weeks Episode was about Operations, Sales, Advanced Classes, Sanctuary, and Guilds: You can subscribe to their channel if you like what you see. Let us know what you think in the comments…

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