Lana Beniko

SWTOR: Fix for the Lana Beniko Marriage Bug in 5.9.2 (for past and new romances)

Charles Boyd, Creative director for Star Wars: The old republic, just announced a fix for the marriage with Lana Beniko. Hey everyone! I wanted to share a more detailed update about the Lana marriage bug that cropped up with Update 5.9, and how we’ll be addressing it with Update 5.9.2. When the dev team originally implemented the variable that stores whether a given player character has chosen to marry Lana or not, a bizarre quirk of the tools caused that variable to not be set permanently, even though we told the tools to do so. As I’m sure you can imagine, we found this quite frustrating, and have thus destroyed said “quirk” via ruthless orbital bombardment to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. From now on, characters that are in a romance with Lana who play through the Solo Story mode of the Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint will have their decision of whether…

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Great Lana Beniko Cosplay

We haven’t posted about any cosplays recently (are people still doing this?) but we just stumbled upon a good one. Here’s an awesome Lana Beniko cosplay. She’s really good – it looks exactly like her and no details were left untouched. The level of detail on everything is amazing. She has the perfect natural features to play Lana, and she gets every little detail of her costuming and hair right as well. Lana Beniko was a Human female Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire. During the Galactic War against the Galactic Republic, she served as a key advisor to Dark Council member Darth Arkous. In SWTOR, she’s voiced by Lydia Leonard. “With her serene and considerate manner, one might mistake Lana Beniko for a Jedi. She is, however, a Sith Lord of great wisdom and strength who has impressed many of her peers in a considerably short period of time with…

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(SPOILER) Companion Conversation Leaked

Companions add a big element to SWTOR and since before launch, this has been something that set this game apart from others. While there has been much arguing over the companions and certain features they should or should not have, most everyone who has played the game will agree that the companions can be a lot of fun. With this we get the companion dialogue, which is true to BioWare story fashion, and always interesting. Something else that has been talked about since before launch is the ability to romance companions and while that has also not been without controversy, it creates an interesting dynamic to the game. The conversations between you and your companions are also full of fun. Companion conversation for Lana Beniko was leaked. Please be warned that the rest of this post will contain spoilers. ***SPOILERS*** Breaking up is hard to do. Or is it? In…

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