huttball guide

Huttball for Dummies

This strat helps you to control mid the whole time, while scoring like a champ. Anyone who can aoe stun STAYS mid (guard/juggs, mara/sents, guns/ops/sco/snip) Only one Shadow places phasewalk on A (top platform enemy side) and remains stealth. Anyone (prefer… a tank) gets the ball at B1, crosses the acid UNTIL B2. Pass to the shadow on top, and moves back to middle, repeat. Shadow breaks stealth to get the ball, use resilience before getting the ball (not to get pulled or thrown) and force speed to endzone. Repeat. Heres a screenshot Phasewalk helps you to get in place to receive the ball if you get throw/pulled etc, dont use it when you have the ball or you will reset it.  Whenever the other team gets the ball and goes close/above A (on your side) just tell your whole team to go back mid, and do as stated. Pro…

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How to not suck at Huttball

The kind of people who just kill farm in mid or are generally terrible at following objectives won’t be reading this.  But here is is. Basics Huttball is not Warsong Gulch. Don’t play like it is. Your team scores when the ball is carried over the opposing team’s end zone. Tie games are won by the team holding the ball when the game ends, or in the case of a neutral ball, the team who most recently held the ball. You can pass the ball to another player. Passing wins games. Passing Passing the ball is a ground-targeted AOE ability. Find it in the general tab of your ability book. It takes a few seconds between throwing the ball, and the other player receiving the ball. If no one is within the targeting-circle (an incomplete pass), a new ball spawns in midfield. This is important. If only an opposing team player is within…

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How to Master Huttball: SWTOR PvP Guide

When you load into your first Huttball game, you may be totally confused. It may seem like a very complicated game but in reality, it’s pretty simple after you get the hang of it. Huttball isn’t a typical PvP scenario in the sense that killing isn’t your main objective. Instead, your main focus is on scoring goals. Think football meets an army obstacle course and you begin to get an idea of what you’ll be dealing with. You’ll have to deal with many obstacles such as multiple levels, fire pits and of course other players. You have to remember that your main goal is to score points. If your team has the ball, help get it to the other team’s pit and if the opposing team has the ball, kill them or intercept the ball. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game, wins. If there…

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