SWTOR Tips: How Discover Coruscant Spaceport

A lot of people have been bitching about not being able to discover the full map of Coruscant. Currently it’s not possible to discover Coruscant Spaceport without playing hide and seek. It’s not known if it’s a bug or it is supposed to be like this, but here is a guide to discover Coruscant Spaceport and thereby the full map on the planet. It turns out that in the docking bay there is a set of stairs off to the left (facing towards the elevators) run up the stairs to the viewing platform and looking out towards the docking bay you will notice two support beams on either side. I ran up the beam on the right into the ceiling, you will break through the ceiling and be able to see above the roof… way a bit and you will discover the entire map! (assuming this was the last bit you had)…

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Planets of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Balmorra

Balmorra was a factory world that was located within the Nevoota system, situated in the Colonies region at the border of the Core Worlds. Wide plains surrounded the planet’s capital, Bin Prime. Balmorran metal parasites feasted on metals in the urban areas of Balmorra. During the settlement of Balmorra, while the Republic was still in its infancy, Balmorra quickly established itself as a haven for renouned weapon and battle droid manufacturers. While determined to remain independent of the Republic, they became strong alllies supplying the Republic and the greater galaxy with advanced droids and weapons. Republic era During the Great Galactic War the Sith Empire resolved to seize Balmorra due to their military manufacturing plants and strategic location close to the Core Worlds. The Republic immediately sent soldiers to prevent that from happening. As the Great Galactic War continued and the Sith Empire’s control continued to spread, the strained republic…

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Core World Map

The Core Worlds (also known as the Galactic Core and, during the Imperial era, the Imperial Core) were some of the most prestigious, well-developed, well-known, and heavily populated planets in the galaxy. In astrophysical terms, the Core denoted the central area of the galaxy, and in broad terms this was true enough, but the precise usage of the term was sometimes more complex. The major Rimward hyperlanes radiated outwards around little more than half the galactic disk, and the Core Worlds occupied a C-shaped region of space around the Deep Core, the heart of the astrophysical core, which was considered as a separate outlier area, facing in the opposite direction, and extending outwards towards the Unknown Regions. 25,053 BBY, the Galactic Republic was born with the signing of the Galactic Constitution in the aftermath of the Unification Wars. Its founders were a number of key Core Worlds known collectively as…

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