New Planet Nelvaan ?

The guys over at has some sharp eyes as they discovered something really interesting (that might not have been intended to be discovered) in the video from yesterdays Friday update. In one of the diplomatic missions – the planet Nelvaan can be seen as a mission in the log. A new planet reveal soon? In the brand new Crew Skills video, at 1.53, you can see one of the diplomatic missions is to the planet Nelvaan. According to – the planet is – A planet in the Koobi star system, Nelvaan is a primitive world of low gravity experiencing the onset of an ice age. Three moons orbit Nelvaan. It was in close proximity to Tythe. A world without a terrible amount of gravity, it was home to several massive life forms, including the vicious Horax. Nelvaan is also dominated by a landscape of precarious mesas that would have fallen in standard gravity…

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