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SWTOR Guild Leveling in 5.10

Eric Musco took on the forum, informing the community about upcomming guilding levering changes comming with game update 5.10. Check it out Hey folks, In Game Update 5.10 we will be introducing a brand new system to the game, Guild Leveling. Guild Levels tie heavily into both Conquests and Guild Perks, so please look out for forum posts on both of those other topics to get the full picture of what is changing! Fair warning, there is a lot of information to cover so expect a fairly long post. Here is a TLDR for you: Guild Levels are earned via Conquest Points. As you gain levels you can slot perks into your Guild Ship to provide a variety of benefits, leveling also gives you new benefits for XP, CXP, and Reputation gain. What is Guild Leveling and How Does it Work? Guild leveling is fairly simple at its core. Similar to a player…

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Server Assignments are Here! Guild Pre-Launch Deployment

Today is the big day for everyone awaiting pre-launch guild server announcements, as we told you earlier. The emails finally came in so if you’ve been sitting there refreshing your inbox over and over, you can now relax. The emails are out and not just guild leaders/guild masters got them. Anyone registered in a pre-launch guild who pre-ordered should have gotten the email. In addition to checking for the email, you can skip a step and go straight to the guild page for your status: http://www.swtor.com/guilds You should be able to see the page title: Guild Headquarters The Pre-Launch Guild Program has Ended Member of: (Your Guild) Assigned to Server: (Your Server) NOTE: The official SWTOR site is so busy today that you will probably get put in a “waiting room” as you try to enter but mine was only 20 seconds long at the longest point so I didn’t…

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SWTOR Pre-Launch Guilds Are Locked

Its official now- SWTOR pre-launch guilds are locked. If you didn’t get your info in on time, you will now have to wait until after launch to sort out your guild. Per SWTOR official news: “Today we are announcing that the Pre-Launch Guild Program for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has come to an end. Guilds that have met the prerequisite of having four members redeem their Pre-Order Codes at our Code Redemption Center are now locked for transfer into the game in time for our December 20th launch. If your guild has qualified for import, you can expect to receive an email at some time over the next several days. This email will give you further details on how to check the status of your guild as well as further details about how to join your guild once you’re in the game. Your email will also tell you which…

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