Jawajames Reads Star Wars: The old republic Annihilation

If you haven’t read Annihilation by Drew Karpyshyn yet, your are missing out. The book have been out for about year now, and reviews have been positive. Annihilation with the possible exception of Revan also written by Drew Karpyshyn is quite possibly the best novel based around Star Wars: the Old Republic video game franchise. While it is not free of it’s flaws it is very enjoyable to read and easy to do so. It was one of the few Star Wars books that I have read recently that kept me turning pages. The best part about the novel is its characters. Theron Shan, first introduced in a the Old Republic comic series, is an intriguing character considering his background, lineage, and the fact that he is not a Jedi. However, I thought that his character lacked a measure of conflict. He seemed too at ease with his position in…

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Drew Karpyshyn on Annihilation and the Disney Buyout of Lucasfilm

Drew Karpyshyn  gives some input on the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm over on his blog and he talks to us about Annihilation deets and why you should pre-order it through his official website (more $$$ for Drew ). When asked how he thinks the buyout will affect the Star Wars books, games and more, he replied: Honestly, I have no idea. It may have almost zero impact. It may have a huge impact. More likely it will fall somewhere in between. Disney says they want to make more movies; as a fan I think more SW films is probably a good thing. But beyond that, I’m in wait and see mode just like everyone else. But when it comes to the upcoming release of Star Wars: Annihilation, Drew had many great things to say: I’ve just updated my Novels page with some more info about the book and why I think it’s my…

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