SWTOR Class Changes for Hatred Assassin and Serenity Shadow in 5.3

Yesterday we told you about the class changes coming to SWTOR this summer. Here is  the first set of changes that are planned to go live with the upcoming Game Update 5.3.  This time for Hatred and Serenity shadow: Class Changes: Hatred Assassin / Serenity Shadow | 06.09.2017, 03:00 PM Hey folks, Below you will find the first set of changes that are planned for Game Update 5.3. Here is a statement from the Combat team on what their plans are for Hatred and Serenity. Quote: With the Class changes in 5.3, we wanted to address several balance issues. One Discipline that we found to be lagging behind its target DPS output was the Hatred Assassin / Serenity Shadow. We changed several skills for this Discipline to increase its DPS output. We wanted to help Hatred / Serenity shine at what it is supposed to be known for: high sustained melee damage….

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How I Play My Deception Assassin – PvE [Pretty Little Sith]

If you’re not familiar with Pretty Little Sith, she’s a fellow fellow gamer who happens to play Deception Assassin exclusively. Her blog, Pretty Little Sith, is all about her and the things she enjoys in life-  food, fashion, fitness, video games, music, movies, science, travel… It may sound random but really it’s all about her and what makes her tick, which I think is pretty cool. The name is So with all that said, she has a recent post where she discusses how she plays Deception Assasin and breaks it down into specs, tactics and more. Here’s a snippet: For me, the keys to success with this class are Force management and knowing what abilities are highest priority so that I can hit them as fast as possible. There is no real “rotation” in that you use a bunch of abilities in a certain order and repeat. I watch for procs, and…

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Assassin / Shadow Top 3 Answers

Here are the top 3 Assassin / Shadow Answers: Madness in PvP The Madness Assassin has been grossly revamped from its original state pre-xpac, which in turn has caused many players to become repulsed by its current playstyle. Due to the changes, Madness also suffered a dramatic hit in PvP, losing access to its Insta-Whirlwind utility and the loss of Maul procs which also goes to hurt its burst potential. In addition, the spec suffers from being far too easy to kill (having no true stealth benefits) with no real execution power to actually down targets beyond fluff damage, therefore making it seemingly a useless fighter on the field in comparison to what other classes / specs can do. With no team utility, lack of kill power and absurdly low survivability, what exactly is the purpose of a Madness Assassin on the battlefield? Are there any plans to alter or…

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