death star

Death Star DLC Content Detailed, Screenshots Made Available

Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC has been in the works for a while, churned through over and over by the rumor mills everywhere. We finally have some solid and reliable information concerning the content the new DLC is set to deliver, and there are a number of superb screenshots available as well, giving an actual visual glimpse into what DICE have up their sleeves this time. As scheduled, Death Star will launch next month, and above and beyond just delivering new content in the shape of new heroes, star cards, vehicles and locations, it will also deliver innovations like the multistage level design. Only recently announced, the feature is essentially about the automatic adjustment of mission parameters. Thus, players who progress through the game will actually amass experience, which will accompany them through the stages. At one point for instance, a player can find himself wreaking havoc on the…

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