Game Update 1.7

Game update 1.7 going live Tuesday 2/12

Cancel Valentine’s Day! SWTOR Game update 1.7 is going live Tuesday next week! It’s kind of odd that BioWare choose to push this game update already though, since it haven’t  been on  the test servers at all. Looks like emergency maintenance will be following shortly after 😉 Hello everyone, we wanted to let you know that we will be performing Scheduled Maintenance for five and a half hours on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 from 3:30AM CST (1:30AM PST/4:30AM EST/9:30AM GMT/10:30AM CET/8:30PM AEDT) until 9AM CST (7AM PST/10AM EST/3PM GMT/3PM CET/2AM AEDT). All game servers,, and the launcher will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than five and a half hours, but could be extended. Game Update 1.7: Return of the Gree unveils a new in-game event, Relics of the Gree. Travel to Ilum to investigate the appearance of an ancient Gree starships,…

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Game Update 1.7 Brings Galactic Reputation to Players

The official SWTOR blog has some interesting info about Game Update 1.7 today. There are going to be many new additions such as new legacy titles, reputation and more but the biggest news is the addition of Galactic Reputation to players. Check out this explanation from the SWTOR blog: Game Update 1.7 will introduce Galactic Reputation to all players. This is a new way for your character to advance in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. In a time of widespread conflict and political strife, disparate organizations throughout the galaxy seek allies in the struggle for peace… or conquest. Reputation measures how your character is perceived by these organizations it reflects the prestige you’ve earned through your heroic contributions to each cause. The Reputation track for each organization is divided into six ranks – Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion, and Legend. You will start with no rank at all, but as you…

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SWTOR Game Update 1.7 – Return of the Gree Coming Soon

BioWare has announced the next game update today- date to be determined and like other game updates, it comes with a new event, new quests and new items. GET READY TO HELP THE GREE – YOUR PROWESS WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED! The new game update 1.7 is called “Return of the Glee” and will allow you to play with other Level 50 players or journey alone to assist the Gree in their continual pursuit of information. Rewards will be available to those “brave enough” to help the Gree. We also noticed there is cartel option to up your reputation gains in the upper right corner. It also looks like they cap your rep gain per week so you can’t grind it all out quickly. From SWTOR news regarding the new game update: NEW RECURRING EVENT: RELICS OF THE GREE Explore Ilum‘s contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the…

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