Game update 2.4

Public Test Server Unavailable: 2.4 Testing Concluded

Amber took the Forums yesterday informing the community that the test servers will be taking down. It looks like we are close to Game update 2.4 Ladies and gentlemen. The announced date for game update 2.4? Is also October 1st I believe. Below are the announcement: Greetings Testers! This morning marks the conclusion of Game Update 2.4 PTS testing. The server will soon become unavailable until further notice. Thank you all for your participation, bug reports, and feedback!

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Patch 2.4 coming October 1? Summer of SWTOR Update

New info is out today about the Summer of SWTOR Update, Patch 2.4.  We also have reason to believe that this means the new PvP Warzone Arenas are coming soon. The devs said it would come with the Summer of SWTOR Update on October first, which means we are only a couple of weeks away now. It’s always great to see Bioware (or any MMO developer, actually) creating new content and finding new ways to get and keep the players interested in the game. But will this be enough to hold the interest of players who are getting bored with SWTOR? Are you excited to see the new content and PvP arenas? SWTOR is also implementing BitRaider streaming so new players can check out the game for a trial without having to do a really big, long download. Bruce Maclean, Senior Producer posted this to the official SWTOR forums: Hello everyone!…

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THE DREAD WAR and interview with Baron Deathmark

BioWare posted a new update regarding the upcoming game update 2.4. The release date for this upcoming patch is still not yet available, but the infomation on what to expect is starting to come in. The new patch will feature new death match arenas, a new mission areas, and new level 55  Operations. In the first operation named The Dread Fortress, we get to fight one of the Dread Masters in person. In the other operation named The Dread Palace, the epic story of the Dread Masters’ saga concludes. The news update also includes news about the upcoming arenas, including a funny interview with   Baron Deathmark – the commentator on the new arenas. The guy actually posting in the thread with a swanky animated avatar even. The read the full story here and the interview with Mr. Deathmark here GATHER YOUR ALLIES FOR NEW OPERATIONS, STORY MISSIONS, AND WARZONE ARENAS CONFRONT THE DREAD MASTERS AND COMPETE IN THE WARZONE…

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