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BioWare Co-Founder Greg Zeschuk Gets Back Into Games

After Dr. Greg Zeschuk, co-founder, retired from BioWare in 2012, he made a web series based on beer called The Beer Diaries. He has now decided to get back into the gaming world, but the return may not be what everyone was expecting. GamesIndustry International reported that Zeschuk has joined the Vancouver based Biba Ventures. This startup is working on making mobile augmented reality apps that will work with playground equipment. Biba announced their deal with a playground equipment company, PlayPower, and they are to construct a collection of Biba supported playgrounds. Mr. Zeschuk will be serving as chairman for Biba. “Biba’s mobile games designed for outdoor play are just a breath of fresh air,” Zeschuk said.  “PlayPower and Biba are creating a new category, an inventive way to blend our new media habits with the health benefits and joy of active outdoor play. I am inspired by the category…

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Doctors are Not Leaving BioWare despite Earlier Rumors in the Press

We recently brought you the story of the rumor about Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk leaving BioWare. Well, there is good news for fans of the doctors because they are not actually leaving the company. As I told you before, Matthew Bromberg has been the new leader of BioWare Austin since May but this is not because Greg is leaving BioWare but instead because he’s just leaving Austin to go back home. In a statement to the press, he explains: “”With regard to BioWare Austin, I handed off the leadership of the studio to Matthew Bromberg quite some time ago (back in May),” he said. “Ray [Muzyka, BioWare co-founder] and I picked Matthew to take over and he’s been doing a great job with the studio. “”My time in Austin was always planned to have a finite endpoint (my family was still living in Edmonton throughout my time in Austin)…

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Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk Leaving BioWare? Unconfirmed Rumors

Rumors are going around the past 24 hours after this report on GamersGlobal says that BioWare founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have left the company or plan to do so soon. It has caused discussions on both the BioWare forums and the SWTOR forums but no one really knows for sure if this is anything more than just a rumor. GameBanshee says: A trustworthy source has been told by an employee of Bioware Austin yesterday that neither Greg Zeschuk nor Ray Muzyka have been present at a Bioware Company Meeting in Austin, Texas, just a few days ago. The employee claimed that this has not been the case before at such a meeting. The six others members of Bioware Austin’s leadership have been there. Also, Greg Zeschuk has not been seen for several weeks now, the Bioware Austin employee claims. There are supposed to be internal rumours at Bioware Austin that…

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