Moraband new official name of sith homeworld?

Here is something strange. In Star Wars Insider #148 that the name of the Sith homeworld is called Moraband. This kind of puts an end to the Expanded Universe-derived Korriban planet name. Unless Moraband is referring to the homeworld of ancient Sith Lords, and not the Sith species (Korriban). This will be kind of strange though since the ancient Sith Lords who discovered and enslaved the Sith species were fallen Jedi who caused the Hundred-Year Darkness around 7000 BBY. They weren’t born on one planet (Moraband). They were many Jedi from many walks of life who followed Ajunta Pall in his quest to use the dark side. Of course this is just all EU stuff, so as far as TCW is concerned it’s irrelevant. But if you’re trying to somehow keep the old EU alive with that sort of rationalizing, it doesn’t really work.. The Sith Lords of old were…

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