SWTOR: First look at Izax the Destroyer

BioWare is teasing the next raid boos in SWTOR! Both there offical Facebook page and on twitter they have boon posting these two images of the new Operation Boss – Izax – who is the final addition to Gods from the Machine! This new encounter should be available from March 2018 ( if they don’t push it any further ) Here is what we know: Little is known about the six titan droids that lie in hibernation on Iokath. These superweapons were created millennia ago by the planet’s architects, likely designed to pacify, subjugate, and destroy entire civilizations. Salvaged records indicate these machines operate as a sentient family unit of “god kin.” They are: TYTH, God of Rage. AIVELA, Goddess of Passion. ESNE, Goddess of Envy. NAHUT, God of Apathy. SCYVA, Goddess of Sorrow. IZAX, God of Death. During early weapon testing, Iokath unleashed the Six Gods on various unsuspecting…

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TOR TV: Terror from Beyond is a beautiful operation

Youtube user heltidsluffare created this short film of his very first run in Terror from Beyond.  As he mention in the title of the movie, Terror from Beyond is a beautiful operation- and so I agree. Personally I thought it was  like a breath of fresh air loading in for the first time.  It really had that big open feel that I was hoping more of the planets/zones would have. I also think this has been my least buggy experience with an operation to be honest.  My ops group have not hit a single bug that stopped our progress… The only one I’ve seen at all is when the adds on the first boss don’t despawn after a wipe, but we were able to kill them without triggering the boss, so no worries really.

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