Outer Rim

Battlefront: YouTuber goes 159 and 0 as Greedo

Have you ever seen a 159-0 kill streak as Greedo in Star Wars: Battlefront? If not, then you’re going to want to watch this video because a YouTuber not only did it, but did it and recorded it. This is pretty awesome, actually. He gets 80 kills in 5 minutes. It’s a 159 killstreak caught on film. Not only is it cool that he went 159-0, but he also avoided taking even a single point of damage for more than seven minutes in the video. It would appear that he is quite overpowered when compared to his enemies. He one-shots most of them before they even get a chance to do any damage to him. From the uploader: “New personal best. Could have gotten more had I not flanked during the first phase and messed around in the Ewok village in second phase.” While some people think it’s cool, others…

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Some Great Outer Rim Easter Eggs and Canon-tributes

The first expansion pack to DICE’s popular Star Wars: Battlefront, Outer Rim, was sure to be a major hit with players, some of whom had decried a certain lack of depth plaguing the original release. Meant to address just that issue, Outer Rim brought tons of new content, including new locations like Jabba the Hutt’s palace and the factories of Sullust. The game has always done a great job in the authenticity department, placing players smack in the middle of the Star Wars universe, and through Outer Rim, that has been taken to a new level. In addition to graphical perfection, the creators of the game have been extremely keen on details, strewing several canon-references over the new locations. Jabba the Hutt’s throne-room is rife with such artifacts. In fact, the room itself is a rather iconic presence in this respect. Jabba’s throne is the centerpiece, but the rancor pit…

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Does ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’s’ Outer Rim Bring the End Game?

Star Wars: Battelfront:  Outer Rim is here and it’s time we start seeing reviews and opinions about the additional downloadable content so you can decide for yourself if you’re interested in playing it. Or maybe you’re already playing and you just want to see what others have to say about it. Well, we already know that the Outer Rim has increased the level cap to 60. What else do we know about it? Todd Kenreck, contributor to Forbes.com says it brings a much need end game. His summary: “The maps are richly detailed, the weapons fill some key gaps and the new heroes are a massive surprise. I give Star Wars: Battlefront’s Outer Rim an 8 out 10.” That’s a pretty good rating. So what are some reasons he likes the new content so much? Well, we’re hearing some of the same things from others who are playing. Extraction as a…

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