Pazaak’s Not-So-Distant Relative

While the subject hasn’t been touched in a number of months, it’s worth noting that we have written about the game of Pazaak in the past. And in doing so, we’ve mentioned briefly that it shares some common themes with one of the more popular card games played in our galaxy: blackjack. It’s true that there are several very similar concepts shared by the two, such as the fact that you never want to go over a certain amount—20 in Pazaak and 21 in blackjack—and that the stakes are often pretty high. It’s true that there are tales of games of Pazaak that don’t include some form of gambling, but they quickly walked into that more competitive territory as its popularity grew. That all being said, it’s actually another game in the Star Wars universe that has ties to both Pazaak and blackjack: Sabacc. Before diving into Sabacc and its…

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How to Play Pazaak in the SWTOR

Do you want to know how to play Pazaak in SWTOR? Many players are asking why Bioware doesn’t put Pazaak and other cantina games into the game permanently. There are some specific reasons why this may be so. The biggest reason is the gambling element. It can be tricky to put gambling in a video game and distribute to various countries that have different laws about this type of content. So for this, you can take a look at the graphic below but here it depicts How to Play Pazaak in SWTOR.

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Want to Play Pazaak for Yourself?

Want to learn more about Pazak and how you can play it for yourself from your computer any time you want? Are you a Star Wars fan or former KOTOR player? In the era of the Old Republic, Pazaak was the most popular card game of an enormous number of sentiently creatures and most Star Wars fans know all about it. While it has yet to make it into SWTOR, you can play the game online at: You don’t need to download any software, as Pazaak Cantina Online runs directly in the browser. If you haven’t played it, are you wondering what Pazaak is? Let’s explore. Pazaak, an ancient game dating back to Old Republic times, was a popular card game in which the goal was to reach 20 without going over, or at least come closer to it than the opponent. (Sounds a little like Blackjack, no?) The player with…

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