Republic Commando

Star Wars Republic Commando – Basic is Best

Star Wars Republic Commando - Basic is Best

Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics to do a game right. In today’s modern age of video games, we see all the bells and whistles. And sometimes, we want ’em. But other times, all that fancy stuff gets in the way of an otherwise good game. Have you ever wanted to play a game so bad but then you try it and all the shiny stuff they wanted to cram in there took away from the actual gameplay and story? Or maybe you couldn’t even play it on your system because they wanted to go crazy with graphics and other elements? There is something to be said about keeping it simple. Sometimes the most basic game can be the best game. That’s what people are saying about Star Wars Commando right now. Originally released in February of 2005, the first-person shooter came with some setbacks for…

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Fans are Remastering Star Wars Republic Commando

Speaking of Star Wars games that might see a comeback… who remembers Republic Commando? The game, released in 2005, is a classic to most Star Wars fans. It followed the story of a squad of Clone commandos that fight during the Clone Wars. You saw them go through several conflicts and it was a gritty, meaty change to many other Star Wars games of the time. Sadly, we haven’t seen anything else of Republic Commando since those early days 12 years ago. No updates. No re-releases. No remastering… until now. Some fans have made it their mission to revive the game and we’re definitely going to be following this one to see where it goes. The folks at Blackout Studios have begun crafting assets for Republic Commando in Unreal Engine 4. Check it out: Delta 38: Boss — Blackout Studios (@BlackoutGming) May 18, 2017 What do you think? Here…

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