SWTOR Server Transfer comes with game update 5.6

Eric Musco informed the community that server transfers will be available again with Patch 5.6 assuming everything goes to plan. Alright folks, here are the updates as I mentioned yesterday! Timing: We are in the final stages of testing and assuming that all goes well, we are going to bring transfers back online on Tuesday with Game Update 5.6. Pricing: By popular request, we are going to bring transfers back at the pre-United Forces pricing (90 // 150CC) for a limited time. After that time they will go up to their new standard pricing of 1,000CC. I will let you all know on Monday if we are still on track for transfers to go live again on Tuesday and the exact timing for the sale pricing. Thanks everyone. -eric

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SWTOR United Forces Update and server merges coming this November

Players have asking for it for a while, and finaly it’s happening. A new round of server merges are comming to Star Wars: The old republic. Here is the story: Our primary focus this year for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has been to build and release multiplayer gameplay experiences that you can play with your friends. We’ve seen thousands of players jump in to join these battles across the galaxy. Your overwhelming response to playing these new experiences has motivated us to continue to pursue more enhancements to making multiplayer the best it can be for you, our players. Today, we’re excited to announce the United Forces update coming November 8, 2017. This new update will add a lot of value to all the gameplay systems that contribute to great multiplayer experiences. The primary benefit of this update is that it will be easier for you to join or reconnect…

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SWTOR: Complimentary Server Transfers

Due to testing by the SWTOR Devs, some players were able to do a free server transfer yesterday. Don’t grow to attached to it though, as it will properly never happen again: Today , 08:33 AM | #36 Hey folks, Just to clear up any confusion. Yes, server transfers did end up free for a period of a few hours last night. However, this isn’t a permanent change. There is also no need to panic as this isn’t a precursor to anything. We had received reports that players were experiencing problems over the past few days with Character Transfers. We were doing some testing with the Character Transfer service to resolve this issue and the price going to zero was a side effect of that testing. Some very observant players were able to benefit from that testing . Apologies for any confusion! -eric

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