Star Wars planets

Stars Wars’ Lost Worlds: Locations that Would Make Great Games

Stars Wars: The Last Jedi has been rocking movie theaters around the world since its release in December 2017. According to the stats, the last instalment of the interstellar saga raked in $220,009,584 during its opening weekend in the US and, as of January 2, 2017, the movie had made more than $1 billion globally. Naturally, the appeal of discovering new characters and worlds is something that has had movie-goers flocking to their local picture house. However, on the flipside, the draw of revisiting familiar scenes is something that fans of Stars Wars love. In fact, this desire to experience a classic Stars Wars world has captivated the gaming world in recent years. If you scroll through the catalogue of games on the market today, you’ll find plenty of settings you recognize. Whether it’s a classic game such as Return of the Jedi where you can battle on the Death…

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