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“Should I Play SWTOR?” A Review after Ten Months

We’re not quite at the 1-year anniversary of SWTOR and there have been some major changes and additions to the game. While some will say SWTOR struggled after launch, others will say it’s actually a good thing to see a game grow so much in the first year. It shows the staff is willing to do what it takes to make a game the players enjoy. BioWare has asked for a lot of feedback from the players along the way and that feedback has gone into making the game what we see today. One major development that has come from these changes is the new free to play model. Personally, if someone asked me if they should play a game and it’s free to play, I would always recommend just trying it to see for yourself. You won’t risk anything- just invest a little of your time. But not everyone…

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An Honest Personal Review on SWTOR Endgame

There are a lot of naysayers about SWTOR these days. In fact, since the game was in pre-launch phase, there were haters who protested and insisted the game would be a massive failure. While many are now trying to say that prophecy has come to light, not everyone believes this. In fact, there are still quite a few players who are happy with the current state of SWTOR and impressed with the game overall and in general. Reddit and the subreddit of SWTOR is not always friendly to those who love SWTOR but here is one poster who had a thorough report of Here is a snippet of the review talking about endgame content: So I finally get to the max level and am ready to finally “play the game” as I would say. First thing’s first — I need gear. A bit of online research tells me that Recruit…

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Pwrcords.com SWTOR Review

I was very excited when I saw that Power Cords had issued a new review of SWTOR.  I simply cannot get enough reviews of this game to see how other people feel about a game that I have simply fallen in love with. Evan Reedy is a new reviewer and they had this to say about him, “We brought you a review of SWTOR a few months ago, but we had yet to really experience much of the end game content. Well, now we’re making up for that. Our newest writer, Evan Reedy, has his review on the end game content of SWTOR.”  Pwcords.com It is always nice to see that these websites take the time to go back and update reviews that have been lacking.  One issue that was found with the game comes after level 50, Evan states, “Once you reach the maximum level of 50, you kind…

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