An Update on The Furious Title

Due to complaints on the official forums, BioWare will be changing the Furious PvP title from Season 3 ranked PvP to Fairly Furious Read the full update here or below: Hey folks! I wanted to tell you about a change coming to one of your titles, the Furious. As many of you pointed out, this title already existed in game prior to the end of Season 3 rewards. We really apologize for this happening, it was an unfortunate oversight on our part that it got through and we want to correct that oversight. As of 3.0.2 anyone who currently has The Furious from Season 3 will have it replaced by Fairly Furious. If you still want to have The Furious title, you can just jump on over to Makeb and defeat the Golden fury to earn it. Now, one thing we also know with Season 3, is that some of you…

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Your Favorite SWTOR Title

I have to admit that one thing I like about MMORPGs is the little details that help you get into the game in your own way. For example, I collected pets on WoW before it was cool (yea, I played WoW…) and in EverQuest I loved building up my house with collectibles. I could spend a great deal of time messing around in my house with pets, furniture and more. It’s these little details in a game that can really make some players more attached to the game itself. You have more personal investment and you look forward to reaching a goal or an achievement. This is why we like personalizing our characters so much. We want to feel like they are a part of us. And one way you can add to this in SWTOR is with the titles. As you know, you earn titles in the game for…

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New world boss spotted on Corellia in 2.0

It looks like a new world boss have been added to Corellia in patch 2.0. The big guy goes by the name of Lucky and is a “Dread-Seeded Rancor”. Not much is known about him yet, but it’s apparently a pretty straight up tank-and-spank fight. So far there is no reports of any good loot. A few greens and level 9 mats. Hopefully they’ll fix that when 2.0 drops. Below is his stats: It looks like maybe 8 competent raiders could kill it in 63-66 gear? If so, it might be just a fun thing for casuals to be able to experience without having to gear grind. I find it strange though that it’s  out on Corellia, when there’s no new content out there and nothing else for level  50-55 players on the planet. Maybe  be course he is a “Dread-Seeded Rancor” and there is a bunch of evil growth, around the area  were he…

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