Trolling BioWare to Ruin SWTOR

Are Internet trolls out to get SWTOR? It would appear so based on some of the bad publicity the game has gotten as well as other trollish activity such as bug reports for glitches that don’t exist and players claiming they were banned for odd reasons only to have BioWare staff come in and confirm they were not banned at all. It’s all a bit odd but it seems like there are some trolls out there just looking to make BioWare/SWTOR look bad. Maybe they are disgruntled SWG players? /shrug Remember I brought you that story about the Technorati blogger who was hating on SWTOR? Well, there’s a new story that’s a bit of a counter to this one but they have more of their facts straight. Team Asunder Magazine brings us The Internet vs. Bioware: How Trolls Set Out To Destroy The Old Republic. “The undeserved negative publicity that…

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Technorati Blogger Says Star Wars is Sinking Fast

Are you happy with SWTOR and the post-launch outcome thus far? While many gamers are completely satisfied, there are others who feel let down by the game and EA has been facing some problems lately in terms of broker concerns. But is it really as bad as it sounds? A Technorati blogger thinks SWTOR is sinking fast and has this to say about the sinking ship: And there is quite a bit of solid evidence that people are abandoning ship. But what about those who say there is no problem? Many are calling it the TORtanic, and this is the fated maiden voyage. But let us explore how and why this game is failing so hard and fast. Hmm.. I’m not sure I completely agree with his evaluations but he might have a few good points. First, he explains that the initial launch sales boomed the game to an unreachable height…

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Trolling Along SWTOR: Are You Annoyed Yet?

You just cannot have a game as big as SWTOR without having some trolls here and there. If you’re in any in-game chat channels, you’ve probably encountered a couple or more at this point. You’ve probably also seen them on the forums. We also have them on fan sites and well, basically anywhere in the SWTOR community. However, there is a trend going on in the official forums that is starting to grow very annoying for many people. At risk of sounding a bit conspiracy-theorist-ish, there seems to be a trend of making BioWare look bad going on. While I’m not quite sure what the intention behind it is, I am definitely not the first person to notice it. My own friends have brought it up and there are multiple forum threads and also posts on Reddit about the topic. First is the issue of people claiming they have been…

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