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New world boss spotted on Corellia in 2.0

It looks like a new world boss have been added to Corellia in patch 2.0. The big guy goes by the name of Lucky and is a “Dread-Seeded Rancor”. Not much is known about him yet, but it’s apparently a pretty straight up tank-and-spank fight. So far there is no reports of any good loot. A few greens and level 9 mats. Hopefully they’ll fix that when 2.0 drops. Below is his stats: It looks like maybe 8 competent raiders could kill it in 63-66 gear? If so, it might be just a fun thing for casuals to be able to experience without having to gear grind. I find it strange though that it’s  out on Corellia, when there’s no new content out there and nothing else for level  50-55 players on the planet. Maybe  be course he is a “Dread-Seeded Rancor” and there is a bunch of evil growth, around the area  were he…

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SWTOR World Boss Guides

World bosses are a big part of any MMO and Star Wars: The Old Republic is no exception. You’ll need a full raid party to beat these bosses so be prepared to work together as a team. Throughout the galaxy, you’ll encounter several planets with these raid level bosses and they do yield some nice loot and a codex entry. After taking down a boss the reset timer usually last around two to three hours for each. All of the bosses in SWTOR have what is called a “Terrifying buff” that will yield any companions incapacitate as soon as you initiate the fight. For the most part the bosses will be stronger as you move up in levels. For this reason, if you’re having trouble with the lower level ones, you may need to build up more before tackling the higher-level raid bosses. Here are the planets in STWOR where…

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The great hunt: SD-01 Strategy

Welcome to “the great hunt”. Our new column here at SWTOR strategies, were we will talk strategies for each world boss in the game. My name is Zexu and I’ll be running through how to defeat every world boss on the Galactic republic worlds. Today we’ll be going over SD-01, a large droid found on Corusant. This footage was taken during the November 25th weekend beta test, so SD-01’s abilities may have changed. This encounter was completed with ten players at levels 16 through 20. We used two tanks (Jedi Shadow and Jedi Guardian), three healers(Scoundrel, Sage and Commando) and five DPS. Let’s go over his abilities. SD-01 has two abilities. The first ability is applied to the highest threat target IE your tank. The stack increases how much damage the tank takes. It stacks up to ten times making your tank un-healable. To combat this simply have an off…

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