SWTOR Racial Traits

Thanks to a recently released Beta video on Youtube, we now know the racial traits in SWTOR. The video don’t show the empire races, so its not proven that the below traits are correct for imperial races yet. The republic races and cross over races should be correct. Check out the  video below. Human : Passive: 3% Bonus to Presence Social : Rally nearby Allies Miraluka Passive: +1 Stealth Detection Social : Perceive alignment of the target via the force Twi’lek Passive: 5 Minute Reduction on Rapid Travel Social : Special Twi’lek Dancing Moves ( Execute a ritual allowing the spirits to rest peacefully) Zabrak Passive: Increase healing given / taken by 1% Social : Inspire Loyalty in nearby Allies Miralian Passive: Increase precision of Force and Tech powers by 1% Social : Execute a ritual allowing the spirits to rest peacefully Cyborg   Passive: Increase precision of Force and Tech powers by…

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Playable Species of SW:TOR – Zabrak

Zabraks were a humanoid species born with vestigal horns native to Iridonia. They were born with vestigal horns and well-developed mental willpower. The species was divided into a number of different races, each exhibiting different horn patterns. Zabrak were also fond of intricate facial tattoos designed to reflect their individual personalities. The Zabrak were one of the earliest spacefaring species in the Galaxy. Their homeworld of Iridonia was a frighteningly harsh planet, which led many Zabrak to settle on other worlds, including Talus and Corellia. The Zabrak also maintained eight colonies throughout the Mid Rim region of space, and most Zabrak identified themselves by their colony first and foremost. Most Zabrak spoke both their native tongue Zabraki and Galactic Basic. Agen Kolar spoke in a “gentle Zabrak baritone,” suggesting that that vocal trait was common among the Zabraks. Physiology Zabrak resembled Humans to some degree, but had a number of…

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