SWTOR Racial Traits

Thanks to a recently released Beta video on Youtube, we now know the racial traits in SWTOR. The video don’t show the empire races, so its not proven that the below traits are correct for imperial races yet. The republic races and cross over races should be correct. Check out the  video below.

Human :

  • Passive: 3% Bonus to Presence
  • Social : Rally nearby Allies


  • Passive: +1 Stealth Detection
  • Social : Perceive alignment of the target via the force


  • Passive: 5 Minute Reduction on Rapid Travel
  • Social : Special Twi’lek Dancing Moves ( Execute a ritual allowing the spirits to rest peacefully)


  • Passive: Increase healing given / taken by 1%
  • Social : Inspire Loyalty in nearby Allies




  • Passive: 1% force dmg/healing,


  • Passive: +1 stealth/stealth detection


  • Passive: 2% Crit Damage

Funny thing though. Only a few days ago Georg Zoller wrote this:

At this time, we do plan on having “racial” abilities, but they will be cosmetic in nature. Think of them as “social” abilities or actions that your character is able to do based on their species.

We wanted to give you something special for your character based on species, but we did not want it to influence your choice in the sense that you would feel “I have to be a Twi’lek Consular because they get +5 Willpower.””
So, active “racial” abilities are planned, but they won’t affect your combat gameplay in any way.
We’ll elaborate more in the future.

And at  NYCC; James Ohlen had this to add in below video:

“”6:56: Q: Will we see racial abilities in the game? Ohlen: They won’t influence your character choice.”