Evan Mather’s Kung Fu Kenobi’s Big Adventure

Here’s something we already knew: Evan Mather makes great short films and animations under his Hand Crafted Films name (his Three Reasons series is brilliant), and now we also know that he can turn his talents to the Star Wars universe and make something equally good. Below is Mather’s “Kung Fu Kenobi’s Big Adventure”, linked from his Youtube for your consideration. It’s a touch on the wierd side, but then aren’t we all?

My favourite bit is the Pulp Fiction riff. But then, I get excited whenever I hear that monologue (even if it did launch Samuel L Jackson’s career in a largely shouty new direction for a while).
Why not make your own film like this? You will need:
  1. Some star wars action figures (sacrilegiously unmint and out of the box)
  2. A selection of movie audio clips
  3. An eye for gratuitous crotch-violence shots
  4. Lots and lots of LSD