Michael Myers’ Star Wars Pixel Posters

It’s all about posters for this column recently, and today I have some more for you, thanks to Michael Myers, who has clearly taken a break from slaying teenagers and babysitters in a grubby Captain Kirk mask to turn his hand to some pixellated goodness in the name of Star Wars. The success of any pixel art project is capturing the character (and their spirit somehow) in but a few colourful blocks, and Myers has achieved it without question.
Myers, who operates under the artistic name Drawsgood Illustrative Design (and is on Twitter as @drawsgood) was already on my radar thanks to his awesome comic book related art – and chiefly his Avengers Headshots project – and he has once again put a massive smile on my face with the Star Wars posters below.
So go on, follow him on Twitter, and show him some love, or even better head over to his online portfolio and buy some of his beautiful prints. He obviously deserves it.