Brilliant Animated Star Wars Neon Signs

In this modern age of infinitely available culture, Twitter and Tumblr have formed important arenas for artists and general creative heads to post their work for wider consumption, and thank God for that. Not only has the advent of social media opened the world to the collected rantings of too many unstable people to mention, it has also served a hugely valuable service for geniuses like Mr Whaite a pop artist who occasionally produces Neon Sign style works.

And even better than that, Mr Whaite usually turns his attention to geeky films when looking for reference points, leading to the three awesome pieces below. Each is dedicated to one of the three original films and prove the perfect balance between simplicity, beauty and a major geeky punch.

Make sure you check them out on his site, as they are animated, and it adds a whole new level of awesome.

You can see more of Mr Whaite’s work on his Tumblr site. Do yourself a favour, go and look, I guarantee you’ll find something that rocks your world. And make sure you follow him on Twitter (@MrWhaite) and show your appreciation.