Star Wars Fan film: Origins

If you want to see one of the best Star Wars fan films of our time, this is one to check out from Star Wars Origins Film on YouTube. It’s a fun, behind the scenes look at how it all started. This origin story has a very interesting concept you need to see to understand (it’s worth it!) and it’s honestly one of the most unique fan films I’ve seen so far.

STAR WARS: ORIGINS takes a unique look at where it all began. A thrilling action-adventure, this film draws inspiration from both STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES to tell an epic story based on Earth during WWII.

The film described as “the epic fan film that will change the game” comes from award-winning team and life-long STAR WARS fans; writer/director Phil Hawkins (@philmblog) and Executive Producer Gary Cowan of Velvet Film Production (@VelvetFilm).

Filmed in the Sahara Desert, Morocco, STAR WARS: ORIGINS is the culmination of three years’ work and stars Marie Everett (WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, Netflix), Jamie Costa (HAN SOLO: A SMUGGLER’S TRADE, HISHE), Hadrian Howard (THE MUMMY, MI ROGUE NATION) and Philip Walker.

See for yourself here:

It’s a unique story, it’s very well done and it’s one that makes you think after you’ve walked away from it. We hope you’ll give it a watch, and let us know what you think.

Star Wars Origins (Fan Film) – Released 12th December 2019

Written and Directed by Phil Hawkins

Executive Production by Gary Cowan

Produced by Velvet and PhilmCo

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