SWTOR Fans Build SWTOR-Themed Beer Pong Table

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Are you looking for something fun to do on patch day? Why not enjoy some SWTOR-themed beer pong? These two friends built their very own beer pong table inspired by the two sides in SWTOR. It’s a bit crude, but we got a kick out of it and if someone else is bringing the beer, we’d sure join in, too.

Not sure what beer pong is? First, what planet have you beenliving on and secondly, you can read the officialrules of beer pong from The NationalBeer Pong League (yes, there is even a World Series of Beer Pong).

Here are the basics of beer pong
People Needed:
2 or 4 people(head to head or 2 on 2)

What you need to play:

  • (14) 12 ounce plastic cups (6 per team and 2 water cups)
  • (2) Ping-pong balls (preferably more incase one gets broken or lost)
  • (2-4) 12 ounce beverages per game
  • A flat level playing surface around 7 ft long and 3 ft wide

To sink all of the other teams cups

Lisa Clark

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