Time Magazine’s Techland Reviews SWTOR

It seems these days that everyone is getting their own little piece of SWTOR. People are talking about it everywhere and nearly every publication in the gaming, technology and Internet genres is covering SWTOR in stories and reviews. So it’s no surprise then that Time Magazine would review the game for their Techland section.

But how they rated it is anybody’s guess before you read the review for yourself. It turns out they say that fresh stories propel SWTOR and create a fresh, fun game that anyone can get into but especially Star Wars fans.

Time explains:

Most of all, it makes you feel like you’re part of a huge narrative that’s at once personal to your character’s journey, but also part of a wider, unfolding epic between the Republic and the Empire. Quests and story arcs appear to end, but don’t. Your character may finish a mission, only to get ambushed while strolling back to his ship hours later.
Isn’t this what makes all the difference for all of us? Even a diehard MMORPG fan has to appreciate the differences from SWTOR. BioWare has given us a story that we all feel a part of. Essentially, you become a part of the game in ways you could never do before.
Your actions make a difference and your choices affect the storyline. This is powerful stuff in the world of games. Here is another snippet of their review:
The world of “The Old Republic” has a slick, detailed look that, for the most part, echoes the design elements of the “Star Wars” prequels. Small details play very big, like when you see your character receive orders from their superior officer via hand-held hologram.
They go on to cover more of the pros of the game and also to highlight some of the cons. It’s a well-rounded review but short- more like a preview, really. But it’s good to see SWTOR getting some coverage from a publication like Time.
Seriously Doc?!? .. At least don’t make it so obvious 🙁

Lisa Clark

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