Congratulations to Carnage: World First Downing of Dreadtooth Ten Stacks

Carnage World First Downing of Dreadtooth Ten Stacks

Big congrats to Carnage for a world first downing of Dreadtooth Ten Stacks combined with the world first downing of 16-man TFB Secret Boss (Dreadful Entity). We love to hear about world firsts and it’s our pleasure to bring the news of this one out to you all. It’s important to show the community spirit of SWTOR as a whole and we celebrate when a feat like this is achieved.

Here you can see a video on Twitch. The boss is around the 50-minute mark of the video:

And here we have an interview with Carnage by JediConsular about the event:

So what do you think? Any points you want to add? Has your own guild gotten close to this?

Want to share in a big congrats to Carnage for their hard work on achieving this feat?

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