Rise of the Hutt Cartel Preparation and Guide

swtor rise of the hutt cartel

Are you ready for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel? Whether you waiting until the last minute to start preparing or if you’re ready and rearing to begin right now, you’re going to love the new, fresh content. In order to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the experience, we have some tips and guidelines to follow.

There are many guides and tips already available so when appropriate, we might make a link or referral to an external site as a resource. It’s all about getting you the best info as quickly as possible.


So here are some things you can do/should do as preparation before the launch:

Get more experience boosts- whether minor or major, these boost will help you as you are leveling up. Using the exp boosts, you can get the max level as quickly as possible.

Do some dailies and weeklies- you’re waiting anyway, right? Why not do some dailies and weeklies and then turn then in once the servers are up.

Sort your commendations- take the time to get rid of extra commendations that you don’t need. Make trades or purchases and get your comms organized. The planetary commendation cap is 100.

Get geared- take this time to get your classes all geared up and respected if possible. You want to be fully prepared for the Makeb content. Black Hole/ Champion gear should suffice. AOE specs are a good choice for this content since there are mobs in Makeb.

The World

So now that you are prepared, let’s look at the world- Makeb! If you do the main storyline of the planet as well as all the dailies once, you can get to around level 53 or 54 (this does vary based on group activities, etc.).

But you don’t want to have to just grind the rest of the way to 55 so make sure you’re decently geared and also consider doing macrobinocular/seeker, GSI dallies, and staged weeklies to finish getting that experience you need.

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