Mission Juno – Great documentary on Jupiter and NASA’s Juno probe arriving at the gas giant in 2016

Mission Juno - Great documentary on Jupiter

Following up on last weeks blog post about Mars, I wanted  to stay in our solar system. Many interesting missions are already happening right now, and many more are on its way, helping us better to understand our nabor planets and our place in the universe.

NASA’s spacecraft Juno is en route to Jupiter, and below is a video about why we’re headed there, and what we hope to discover about Jupiter while Juno is in orbit around our largest planet. The documentary is combined of hundreds of 1 minute videos, so the video changes style a bit and is a little long-winded.

The video Features interviews with scientists and engineers working on the probe with interesting computer-generated imagery of the mission. It also Explains the science of the solar system, why this mission matters, the instruments on board and the scientists and engineers behind this mission.

The Juno spacecraft is named for the mythological wife of the god Jupiter, who used her special powers to discover the secrets Jupiter was hiding behind cloud cover. Much like its namesake, the spacecraft will probe the mysteries beneath the planet’s visible surface to understand its structure and history.